Ice hockey

We promise the  stick is competitive in quality and sales price , All hockey stick we sold can be carried out by 45 days warranty policy ,   We use faster shipping company to ship stick to your door ,and the cost of beginning is usd30 one stick , and after all ,  usd5 will be added after every 1 stick one more  .As this way,  It  will be better to save more shipping cost  if you have order combination .

There are 2 models for senior stick , ST410 and ST430 , As same as the name of model , ST410 is of  lighter weight less 410g ,  And ST430  less 430g  .

And Intermediate stick , INT410  and INT390 , So  INT410 less 410g ,and INT390 less 390g 

And Junior stick , JR310 , weight less 310g 

Delivery :As normal ,we have storage  for stick P92 ,P28 curve ,Flex 75  and flex  85 , we will ship stick out 1 day later once got order . If there is no stick in store , it will take 3 days for painting work .

We use S.F express to ship stick , it takes 5-7 days to arrive USA and Canada after shipment. 6-9 days to Europe and countries we marked in shipping methods .

Warranty Policy : 45 days , if it is defects from production ,we can refund payment or new stick to you as replacement .  If stick is broken as special playing , we need to check the picture you sent , to check the reason why it breaks, we can refund 50% of payment  or  new stick with half price .